Rocks 2Introduction: A Theological Understanding of Faithful Worship

Monday, June 12 | Matthew Kaemingk
Dr. Matthew Kaemingk, Director of the Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture, will guide a conversation on the biblical and theological foundations of worship. He will invite participants to understand the formational capacity of Christian worship in the life of the believer. Finally, Dr. Kaemingk will present a primer on liturgy and the sacraments.

Bound papersWorship, Creativity, & Narrative

Tuesday, June 13 | Matthew & Shannon Sigler
Dr. Matthew Sigler, Theology Professor at Seattle Pacific University; and Shannon Sigler, Director of Cascadia Worship & Arts will lead a conversation on the unique role worship leaders play in crafting worship narratives aligned with the Story of God through a deeper understanding of liturgy, sacrament, and the arts.

Leaf StackRacial & Cultural Diversity & the Worship Leader

Wednesday, June 14 | Stephen Newby
In our increasingly diverse context, understanding how to craft culturally relevant worship experiences is a core value. Professor and composer Stephen Newby will discuss the worship leader’s call to cultivate both creativity and diversity. In this session we will explore both multiethnic worship concepts, as well as worship styles relevant to our experience-based Cascadian culture.

Spiritual FormationThe Role of Pastoral Care & Spiritual Formation of the Worship Leader

Thursday, June 15 | Ed Willmington
Dr. Ed Willmington, Director of the Fred Bock Institute of Music of the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts at Fuller, will lead a conversation on spiritual formation for worship leaders; as well as the role of the worship leader as a pastoral caregiver in his or her congregation.

Rock in handPractical Conversations on Worship Leadership

Friday, June 16 | Ed Willmington
On our final day, Dr. Willmington will dive into practical issues for worship leaders, such as musicianship, song selection, crafting an order worship, and working with volunteers.